But is he friend or foe?

As mentioned here yesterday, Havok returned in this week’s X-Men: Legacy #254 by Mike Carey and Steve Kurth. While writing up an announcement for our parent site, I had originally included an entire paragraph regarding the nature of Havok’s returns to the X-Men:

The most disheartening aspect of these absences is the fact his returns all too often find him acting as a villain. After leaving the team Giant Size X-Men #1, passing through the Siege Perilous in Uncanny X-Men #251, and appearing to die in X-Factor #118, Havok returned each time in dramatic fashion ready and willing to fight his former friends. Mind control was often the reason behind his actions, but seeing reappear as an enemy has become a recurring theme over the years.

It didn’t seem relevant at the time and was subsequently reduced, but there he is on the final page of issue #254 once again seemingly at odds with the X-Men who have come to rescue him at the far reaches of space. We’ll see what comes next in X-Men: Legacy #255 on September 14th.

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