Havok returns to Earth in this week’s X-Men: Legacy #258

Havok once again did not have a big part to play in the final chapter of Mike Carey’s Five Miles South of the Universe featured in X-Men: Legacy #258. It’s a bit surprising given the the team was fighting for survival on a space station in danger of falling into a sun, and in two of Havok’s last major appearances (X-Men: Emperor Vulcan and X-Men: Kingbreaker) he absorbed a great deal of energy from nearby stars. Admittedly that would not have helped them to escape the certain death that awaited them.

It’s unclear whether Havok will appear next in S-Men: Legacy #259 which begins the X-Men: Regenesis branding for that title or in Peter David’s X-Factor in January. David says he has plans for “Polavok” (his preferred portmanteau for Havok and long-time love interest Polaris) as he talks about the title in yesterday’s X-Posiiton interview on ComicBookResources.com.

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