Havok confronts Cyclops in this week’s X-Men: Legacy #259

In the first of two X-Men: Regenesis story arcs that will feature the character, Havok confronts his brother Cyclops regarding his split with Wolverine in the pages of X-Men: Schism in today’s X-Men: Legacy #259. Attempting to get the two to find some common ground, Havok sees a lot more panel time in this issue and that will hopefully continue in Half a Step part two.

A scene in the issue recalls all of the recent traumatic events the X-Men have gone through leading up to Schism, and it’s difficult not to focus on the fact that Havok has been off-planet for all of them. House of M, Messiah Complex, Messiah War, Utopia, Necrosha, Second Coming, and Schism all passed during his absence although he did have a front row seat for the cosmic War of Kings. It’s reminiscent of the character’s return following the Mutant X series that saw Havok trapped in a parallel dimension as the world has changed dramatically around him once again.

Havok will also appear in January’s X-Factor #230 as that title reaches the X-Men: Regenesis launch point and he and Polaris join the team.

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