Who will join Havok during this Fall’s X-Men: Regenesis?

Marvel’s final teaser for their X-Men: Regenesis event coming this Fall revealed that Havok will be returning to the pages of Peter David’s X-Factor in issue #230. The rest of the cast has yet to be revealed but it appears the days of the X-Factor detective agency may be over. Adding to the intrigue, it appears X-Factor will be siding with Wolverine in the wake of X-Men: Schism, placing Havok squarely at odds with his brother Cyclops.

Guessing who else might be part of team, it’s arguable that Strong Guy, Banshee, Layla Miller and Rictor are all among the silhouettes, but Darwin and Madrox could be in there as well. Someone appears to be sitting on Strong Guy’s shoulder and it could be anyone from Pip the Troll to Wild Child to Wolfsbane or even her recently born child. Look for more information leading up to this November release.